Top 10 Christmas Movies


  Throughout the years, hundreds of Christmas movies have been produced. I have ranked my ten favorite Christmas movies, so you know which movies are a must watch. 

  Starting at number ten is “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” is a great Christmas movie for younger kids. However, it is not as popular for teens and adults because it is more like a cartoon and kiddish movie. 

  Number nine on my list would be “Frosty the SnowMan.” This movie is often forgotten about, as I rarely hear people talk about watching “Frosty the SnowMan.” In my eyes, this is a great Christmas movie because of how original and well made it is. 

  Number eight on my list would have to be “The Christmas Movie.” “The Christmas Movie” is a classic, and a lot of people love it. This movie brings me Christmas joy and laughter because of how classic and funny it is. 

  Number seven on my list would have to be “Elf.” This movie is extremely popular, and known for its actors . My family and I have a tradition of watching this movie every year. 

  Moving up to number six, it would have to be the “Polar Express.” While this movie is good, I believe it is overrated. I would like this movie more if it was not as edited. This movie is very cartoonish and not realistic, therefore I do not like movies like this one.

  Number five on my list would have to be “The Grinch.” There are multiple versions of this movie, but the original copy is the best one. The original copy has the best action and has no edits in it. It is a very classic movie, everyone knows it.

  Number four on my list would have to be “Mall Cop.” Actor Kevin James is not in many Christmas movies, but he plays his part in this movie very well. This movie is put together very well, with all of the action and great scenes. 

  Number three on my list is “Home Alone.” “Home Alone” is a classic Christmas movie, and one that everyone loves. I like this movie because it is older. I like this movie a lot because it happens on christmas eve and christmas. Most Christmas cartoons or movies dont take place like this one.

  Number two, for me, has to be “Daddy’s Home 2.” The sequel to “Daddy’s Home” has the same actors as the first one. This movie is great because of the actions and humor, however the original one is definitely better.

  My number one Christmas movie is “Daddy’s Home.” This is a comedy style Christmas movie, and was put together well. Mark Walburgh and Will Ferrell are great actors.

Make time this holiday season to spend time with your family and maybe watch some of these great Christmas movies.