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Entertainment Review: Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Entertainment Review: “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish”

Abby Fuller, Copy Editor February 2, 2023

  “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish” released in theaters December 21, 2022.  Many were confused at the decision to make a sequel, as the first movie came out back in 2011.  However, this movie’s...

Entertainment Review: I Rest My Case

Entertainment Review: “I Rest My Case”

Mason Emin and Tavian Kelly February 2, 2023

  Kentrell DeSeaun Gaulden, or more commonly known as NBA Youngboy, is a 23-year old rapper that originated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and started making music in 2015. Since then NBA YoungBoy has been...

Top ten upcoming movies for 2023

Top ten upcoming movies for 2023

Alex Calderon, News Reporter February 2, 2023

  There are many things that make a year stand out: celebrity break-ups, national sports results, political scandals. But, arguably, the most looked-forward-to events are new movie releases, and this...

Entertainment Review: Harry & Meghan

Entertainment Review: “Harry & Meghan”

Emma Ortgiesen, News Reporter January 27, 2023

  “Harry & Meghan” is a newly-added Netflix documentary that is about the struggles Prince Harry and Meghan Markle faced over the course of their relationship. The new season includes six episodes,...

Entertainment Review: SOS by SZA

Entertainment Review: “SOS” by SZA

Mallory Osborn , Design Editor January 26, 2023

 2022 was a year full of new albums from Drake, Gunna, Youngboy, and my personal favorite, SZA. “SOS '' is only SZA’s second album she has released in her singing career. The album was released on...

Winter Trends 2023

Winter Trends 2023

Kendyll Anderson, Name Editor January 24, 2023

 Many people have different styles and trend likings. In 2023, trendy styles are accuring and reoccurring. If you are looking for a new style in 2023, this is for you!   Stanley Cups are a new trendy...

Entertainment Review: “Avatar: Way of Water”

Summer Gisi, News Reporter January 24, 2023

  “Avatar: The Way of Water” is a visually stunning and emotionally-charged film that continues the story of James Cameron's 2009 blockbuster hit “Avatar.” The breathtaking film picks up where...

Holiday drinks to try this Christmas

Holiday drinks to try this Christmas

Mirabella Pyron, News Reporter December 16, 2022

 It can be difficult deciding what drink to get when you go to a café and want to try a new holiday drink, so hopefully this will help you pick one that you’ll like.  Drinks from Sophie’s  The...

Entertainment review: ATUM Act 1

Entertainment review: “ATUM Act 1”

Mirabella Pyron , News Reporter December 16, 2022

  Rock band The Smashing Pumpkins are coming out with a three-part rock opera album, releasing 11 songs every 11 weeks. Act one of “ATUM” was released on November 15th, Corgan designed this release...

Avatar: The Way of Water Predictions

“Avatar: The Way of Water” Predictions

Camilla Feltes, News Reporter December 16, 2022

  It has been 13 years since the first Avatar movie was released. In those years, fans have been awaiting the second movie. “Avatar: The Way of Water'' is coming to theaters on December 16. Before we...

Top 10 Christmas songs to get you festive this season

Top 10 Christmas songs to get you festive this season

Kendyll Anderson, Name Editor December 16, 2022

 Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling and winter is approaching. If you're into a warm cozy festive season, then this list of the top 10 Christmas songs is for you.  “All I Want For Christmas...

Entertainment Review: Wednesday

Entertainment Review: “Wednesday”

Emma Ortgiesen, News Reporter December 16, 2022

  “Wednesday” is a newly-added show on Netflix that came out on Nov. 23 that actually fell on a Wednesday. If you don’t have Netflix, you could always ask a friend to use their account but for...

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