Memorable Art Pieces of 2022

   The art and digital design classes that S.H.S. has to offer a light upon many visually proficient artists, and their artwork must not go unrecognized. It should leave a lasting impression on the school itself. To appreciate these artists we’ll discuss the reason they made their art and be acknowledged as 2022 most memorable artists/art.

Ink Sketches

   Ink sketches are sketched by black pens, this involves cross hatching, hatching, shading, stippling and many more techniques. Pen and ink help artists work on their contrasts and graduation in value.

Isabella Espinoza

Kylie Diaz

Andrew Tackett

Half Face Portraits

Half face portraits are drawn with a variety of graphite pencils. In this assignment, one side being the printed portrait and the other being the area of sketching. This assignment is also used to evaluate the graduation of value, shading, and contrasts. 

Estefania Cayetano

Isabella Espinoza

Watercolor Paintings and Mixed Media Art

Watercolor is a delicate medium that enhances the pigment of the art piece with every stroke. Watercoloring is challenging once an artist attempts to control the colors of the painting. Artists must carry a strong hand to prevent making easy mistakes. This assignment has also combined itself with colored pencils, pens and acrylic paint to create a mixed media piece.

Josey Hagerman

Estefania Cayetano

Isabella Espinoza

Engraving Art 

This graphic technique is used to create a level of value in a drawing. The scratchboard, which is covered in wax or gesso, is coated with a black ink and then incised with a scraper tool.

Katelynn Garcia-Redmond

Leticia Caudillo

Madison Schmitt

Cassandra Little

Kylie Diaz


Collages are primarily used for compositions made from mixed media and objects. This style of art conveys a message in a visual aspect, this helps artists to attract a specified audience to the message translated. This unlimited use of materials and media also helps artists to use a wide range of  available resources. 

Kylie Diaz

Kylie Nicklaus

Reduction Printing 

Reduction printing is made by a single print block for the multi-colored, payered print. Reduction is used to simplify, consolidate, and condense an art piece, this helps develop a variety of different techniques on how to start the print. 

Zaden Westbrook