The contagious disease of senioritis


  Senioritis is when seniors begin to decline in productivity and motivation during the end of the year. It’s sort of an affliction, if you ask me. Tardiness, late homework, fatigue, and mediocrity are some of the many qualities of senioritis, but although admissions have been submitted and career paths have been decided, it’s merely an excuse just to be lazy. Here are some ways to avoid or break through the severe case of senioritis, but first, we’ll talk about why senioritis happens.

  Though senior year is a year to be relieved of, end-goal mentality along with other contributors grab hold of a majority of seniors.

  Psychology and social studies teacher Taylor Jackson says, “I believe senioritis happens because seniors get excited and nervous about the next stage to come. The end of high school allows seniors the opportunity to make many of their own decisions which can cause a whole range of emotions.”

  Jackson along with many other teachers are knowledgeable when it comes to senioritis, the amount of time spent with seniors helps hypothesize possible solutions to make clase time much more fun.

  Senior Selena Garza says, “I’ve just been trying to get through the rest of the year with good grades and trying to have fun as the end of the year is wrapping up.”

  The end is approaching soon. It’s only a matter of time to sign up for courses or work training positions, as the amount of sign ups are fairly limited. Creating goals related to what the future is to be planned helps seniors remind themselves of what they want out of their experience after high school. Senior Emely Garces says, “Goals help you to improve yourself and when you feel as though you made it you feel proud of yourself.”

  Grades are an important element during senior year. It summarizes your overall high school career in one transcript. Scheduling important assignments and tests dates help students organize important test and homework dates.

  Garza says, “It does not seem real that high school is over for my class in five weeks.”

   Seniors can hope for the best this year, it’s only a matter of time before the school year ends!