Entertainment Review: Hey Dudes

Autum Flagg

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PE teacher Alexis Herrera shows off her new fuzzy Hey Dudes. The popular shoes are worn year round.

 Hey Dudes are a new and upcoming pair of everyday shoes that feel like slippers. Hey Dudes are an everyday slip-on-shoe that feels and to some people say they feel and look like house shoes, or slippers. You can order your own pair of Hey Dudes from their online website or local shoe stores, such as Shoe Sensation, Glicks, 6140 Run, and also Scheels. The cost may vary from $54.95-$80 depending on what design you order.

   Hey Dudes are most commonly compared to Vans slip ons. People have said that they’re for country people but that’s not true. Just like slip-on Vans, they are for anyone. They are an easy shoe designed for the comfort of a slipper. Sophomore Brody Shank put his input in on the shoes. “I would recommend Hey Dudes because they are very comfortable to wear throughout the day and they can also be fashionable in some occasions”.

   Compared to the slip-on Vans, Hey Dudes are not just cheaper, but they are comfortable and longer lasting than Vans. With Vans, the cloth will start to unglue to the base of the shoe, but with Hey Dudes the soul of the shoe starts to wear down. The soles of Hey Dudes are interchangeable and last for many years, they also wash easily.

  “I would recommend Hey Dudes because they are very comfortable to wear for hours on end. The different colors and patterns can also being voguish expressiveness to your daily wear,” said sophomore Jacquelynn Posterneck.

   In my opinion, Hey Dudes are a hit. They’re meant for everyday use, easy to put on and are designed for comfort wear all day. They also go well with any outfit. With the price of Hey Dudes, some may say they are not cheap but with the quality, the life line, and the design, others beg to differ.