A guide to keeping a New Year’s resolution


In order to keep your resolution, having a plan is key.

  When it comes to the New Year, there are many new goals and resolutions going around. However, people typically give up on their goals after the first few months. 

  The first step you should bring into consideration when achieving your goals is to make them realistic. Your goals should not be impossible to achieve. Make it something that you know you can achieve within a year’s time, so do not get discouraged.

  Senior Ethan Reyes said, “You should set a target for each month. If your goal was to find a new hobby, you should take a certain amount of time out of every month to focus on creating one. Most people mess up, as they try to accomplish everything within the first few months”. 

  You should stick to just one resolution. Accomplishing goals becomes overwhelming when you have four or five big resolutions all in one year. Your goal should be very specific and not just be a broad statement. 

  Making a goal to lose weight is an unrealistic goal. Instead, set smaller specific goals such as “I want to lose 40 pounds this year so I will lose three pounds every month to achieve this in a healthy and sustainable way.” This allows you to keep the fun things you do in your life and be happy throughout the year and it makes it more likely that you will achieve your goals.

   Junior Felipe Sandoval said “Another great tip is to make your goal into an everyday habit. I do this by being consistent everyday and even when I want to be lazy and not follow through I still do”. You should find things that you enjoy doing but that are also specific to your goal. 

  The most important part of resolutions are for you to live a better life so it does no good to torture yourself in the process of doing so. This will make your goal very unsustainable. 

  You should keep a resolution journal. This will come in handy when you are feeling discouraged and down about your goal. You can simply open up your journal about your accomplishments and instantly feel motivated to complete and follow through with your goal. 

  These are just a few tips that you should greatly consider when trying to complete your new year’s resolutions. They will greatly help you and motivate you to follow through with your goals and make this year your year.