Softball prepares for spring season


  The upcoming 2022-2023 softball season will include many changes. The Sterling High School softball team will be adjusting their training, getting a new field, and welcoming new coaches,

  This year there are three new softball coaches: Donnie Dittmar, Matt Payton, and Gretchen Gould. Gould played softball for the Golden Warriors during her high school career. 

  To prepare for the season the S.H.S. softball team has optional winter workouts from November 28 to December 16. During the winter workouts, Issac Kinnicutt will help the team properly lift and stretch. 

  During the first workout, the softball team stretched with wood sticks and bands. This workout helped the Golden Warriors learn how to stretch before games and practices. Kinnicut shows the team how to lift properly, so the girls do not get injured.

  The second day of lifting consisted of the softball team focusing on stretching and some core workouts. After these first two workouts the girls were sore. 

  Senior Lauren Jacobs stated, “ I like how we’re actually doing pre-season workouts since last year we didn’t.” 

  It’s not just veterans on the team who are appreciating the off-season efforts.   

  Freshman Mya Lira said, “I like the new workouts we are doing, we get to know each other while still putting in the work. I am excited to see what this season brings, especially with the turf fields.”  

  After returning from winter break, the softball team will have open gyms. The open gym sessions will take place from January 9 to February 28. 

  The first official practice of the season will be held on February 27. March 14 is the S.H.S. softball team’s first game; they are playing against Sterling Newman. 

  During the season the players will have to adjust to the differences of the turf and dirt fields.  On turf fields, the ball bounces differently. This will alter the way the softball team practices as no other local team has a turf field.

  The players are not allowed to wear cleats on turf as it could ruin the turf. Other teams will have to pay attention to what shoes they wear at Sterling games. If players do not have turf shoes, they can wear tennis shoes, but the traction just might not be the best.

  The season begins on March 22. The Golden Warriors performances during the season will determine how long their season lasts.