Is early graduation right for you?


Senior Lance Wren is one of the early graduates this year. Wren has decided to graduate early to pursue his future.

  Something that is not usually talked about or recognized at Sterling High School, but is becoming more popular is early graduation. There are seven kids at S.H.S. that have decided to graduate early this year for various reasons.

  Some students have decided to graduate only a semester early, while others are graduating an entire year early. They all have different reasons for doing so, all of which are interesting. 

  There are certain steps that have to be taken in order to graduate early. One of the biggest being getting all of your English credits. This requires students to take two English classes at once. 

  Most of the students have decided to graduate early because they feel it is giving them a head start on their future. 

  S.H.S. senior Khloie Ulve has decided to graduate to get a head start on her future. Ulve said, “I would rather work and save up money for college to study to become a therapist.” Ulve said that she had to get two English credits to meet graduation requirements and she did so by taking a regular English class and AP Lang. 

  Another S.H.S. senior that has decided to graduate early is Grace Egan, she has decided to graduate early for a really unique reason. Egan stated that she “recently had ACL reconstruction surgery which helped me make the decision to graduate early so that I can do rehab for my knee at The Ohio State.”

  Egan hopes to do rehab and be ready to play volleyball there as soon as possible. Egan is currently taking five classes to meet her graduation requirements.  

  Alliyah Bailey, another S.H.S. senior, has also decided to graduate early at the end of this semester. Bailey stated, “I would like to get a better job and work more so I can save for college. Also, it looks good on a college resume.” Bailey is also currently taking two English classes to meet graduation requirements.

  While all of these students have different reasons for deciding to graduate early, they all have the same main goal. They all want to get a better start on their lives after high school.