Students celebrate Thanksgiving while honoring their cultures


 During Thanksgiving there are many different cultures in the U.S. that celebrate in their own way. This holiday is a day to gather around the table with family and have a memorable meal.  Here are some people with different cultures who share what they do for Thanksgiving.  

  American In American households families have different traditions, which could be watching the annual Thanksgiving football game or breaking the lucky wishbone. Sophomore Kendyll Anderson said, “Each family member brings a dish to the table and just comes together as a family. We also eat turkey, deer, and duck.”

  Hispanic In Hispanic culture, many families all gather together in one area and enjoy their time with each other. They make cultural dishes such as tamales, pozole, menudo, or just regular turkey. Before eating, many say a prayer. Senior Ethan Reyes said, “For tradition, my family likes to go to my grandma’s house a couple days before Thanksgiving and hand make tamales.”

   Asian For sophomore Victoria Nguyen’s Vietnamese family, the traditions are important. “In my house we put out a plate of food for my grandparents that passed away, and we put it out so their spirits can eat with us. We pray to Buddha and grub up after.” During the feast they like to honor their loved ones that passed away. Their dishes consist of egg rolls and glass noodles.

  Jewish In Jewish culture, people don’t really celebrate differently. They come together like everyone else. We asked English teacher Hannah Jablow, who is Jewish, how she celebrates her Thanksgiving. “It depends when Hanukkah is as it changes every year and if it’s by Thanksgiving, we celebrate it by lighting candles and a menorah.” Jewish families don’t really celebrate differently since Thanksgiving is an American holiday. 

  Even though Thanksgiving is celebrated differently, Thanksgiving is about coming together as friends and family. Whether it is your cultural food or just regular Thanksgiving foods, we all celebrate each other.