What seniors should be doing now


  Senior year is crazy but fulfilling. As seniors take on the last year of high school, they are tasked with the stressful decision of what they want to do next. There are vital decisions to be made post-graduation, which greatly affect what seniors will do for the rest of their lives. 

  There are lots of pathways to take after high school. Options range from attending college or a trade school, entering the workforce, or joining the military. At Sterling High School, 57 students took a survey about their postgraduate plans; the results of the survey are to the right. 

  Out of the 57 senior students surveyed, most of them plan on attending college. A great way to prepare yourself for college is to maintain a high grade-point average and schedule regular meetings with your counselor. In addition, seniors planning to attend college should fill out FAFSA and submit their test scores (if needed).

  “A great way I am preparing myself for college is by taking AP courses. It’s a great way to get the college feel by taking college classes and it also strengthens my resume by boosting my GPA” said SHS senior James Morris. Morris hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the Naval Academy.

  Another route students take is attending trade school. Beginning a career in the workforce early can make it easier for the individual. Trade schools allow students to develop skills in a specific field without attending college.

  Senior Chase Ullrich said, “I have worked at a mechanic shop and really enjoy it.” Ullrich is currently taking Auto Service at the Whiteside Area Career Center (WACC). Ullrich plans on attending WYO-Tech in the fall which is a trade school to become a certified diesel mechanic. 

  There are many paths for students to take after high school. Students should utilize resources such as their counselors, web sites, as well as consulting family and friends, to find which path best suits them.