Sterling United’s new team in town


Sterling United U-19 girls team show appreciation to Coach Jose Garcia Ibarra. The team is very grateful for the amount of time and effort Mr. Garcia has put into coaching.

   The Sterling United Soccer Club originated back in 2007 as a competitive youth soccer program with the goal of helping players improve their soccer skills. Fifteen years later, the first ever U19 Girls Soccer Club kicked off this past summer. 

  With excitement and joy, head coach Jose Garcia Ibarra and assistant coach Jesus Velasquez stood up to the challenge to guide and teach the new team along with former S.H.S. girls soccer coach Raul Sanchez.

   When asked what inspired the idea of creating this new team, Mr. Sanchez stated, “My number one goal is to continue to mentor new generations on staying active year-round with soccer overall. The only way to continue to improve and get better is to self-discipline, work on ball skills and practice constantly.” 

  While S.H.S. offers a great soccer program in the spring, the U19 club is a great opportunity to continue with more soccer activities in the fall. This year’s season lasted from August to October 2022. 

  “While this being my very first year coaching, the experience was rewarding for the girls and myself. I feel like we all gained a vast amount of knowledge while bonding at the same time. I am incredibly happy and impressed with everyone’s efforts and performance out on the field each match,” Garcia stated.

  One’s soccer experience can be interpreted differently than others. As a part of Sterling United, 

defensive mid Itzel Hernandez expressed, “It has been a fun and exciting journey, I’ve tried different positions I would have never thought to play. I have bonded much more with my teammates and experienced soccer in many different ways.” 

  Centerback Michelle Diaz added, “Sterling United helped me improve not only my performance but helped me explore positions I’ve never tried.”

  Sterling United has been around for years with the goal to help improve one’s soccer abilities. With the new U19 club being a success, we are eager to see what the future holds for this club as more years are yet to come.