Class of 2022 Recap


We were told high school would be the time of our lives and in a blink of an eye graduation for the class of 22’ is in just a few short weeks. As graduation approaches it is important to reflect on the memories of the seniors and their favorite moments throughout high school. The class of 22’ endured a hectic high school experience going through a world pandemic and then adjusting back to normal life after losing half of their sophomore year and the entirety of their junior year. 


Marisa Salmon “When I almost hit my face on the track during the touchdown stunt in front of the whole crowd” 


Libbi Kendrick “My favorite memory was senior skip day because a lot of different friend groups got together and had a lot of fun swimming and having a picnic.” 


Elizabeth Capes  “Getting to know people I haven’t gotten to know previously has been my favorite memory” 


Taeya Wolf  “My favorite memory was performing our homecoming routine on the field for the last time and realizing just how fast time goes.” 


Carter Ryan “Seeing my brother in school everyday” 


Drew Kested  “My favorite memory from high school would be playing football on homecoming weekend.” 


Kayden Loose  “My favorite memory during high school would be leading the student sections during my senior year.” 


Jesseka Boyer  “My all-time favorite memory from high school is when we won first place for Friday night relays as a track team my senior year.”


Jaryn Garza  “My favorite memory would be scoring my first and final touchdown on the field; and also winning      prom king.” 


Reiley Austin  “My favorite high school memory would be winning the swimming and diving sectional my sophomore and senior year.” 


Kaydence Larson  “My favorite memory was hanging out with my friends on the weekends.”


Sydnee Thueson  “My favorite memory through high school was my sophomore year when we beat the seniors in numbers ball.” 


Hailey Garcia  “My favorite memory would be homecoming because it was really fun watching everyone dress up.”


Daylen Stage  “My favorite memory throughout high school would have to be playing numbers ball during homecoming week.” 


Baylee Adami “My favorite memory in high school was playing numbers ball.” 


  High school is full of great experiences and memories, but now is the time to begin looking forward to the new memories to be made.