Spring Sports Preview


Boys Tennis: 

Head Coach: Mike Gottemoller

Key Returners: Kayden Loos, Brecken Peterson, Conner Pham, and Luke Valentino 

Promising Incomers: Ben Boze, Yuriy Guerrero, and Elias Jansen

Last year’s biggest accomplishments: Brecken Peterson made it to state

Biggest rival game: Geneseo 4/7 (Away) & 4/14 (Away)

  Senior Kayden Loos shared, “As long as we continue to work hard in practice and take advantage of the time we have leading up to our first meet, this season will go pretty smoothly for us as a team. We have a lot of guys that put a lot of effort and time in over the off-season to get better and we are returning all of our varsity players except for one, so we’re looking forward to having another successful season.”


Boys Track: 

Head Coach: Kel Bond

Key Returners: Dale Johnson, David Tessman, Cameron Schneider, and Allejandro Arellano

Promising Incomers: Carter Chance

Last year’s Biggest Accomplishments: 4X8 relay going to state

Most Anticipated Meet: Geneseo

  Senior David Tessman shared, “This year our team has been surrounded by a new head coach creating a new environment on how we do drills and activities. It really has changed the mindset of how people are working this year and each person is motivating the other to work just as hard. I believe by pushing each other and having a common goal of trying to achieve success will help us in being successful with hard work and determination.” 


Girl’s Track: 

Head Coach: Tyler Gaumer

Key Returners: Megan Gingrich, Alice Sotelo, and Kylie Nicolas

Promising New Members: Finley Ryan, Presley Winters, and Kate Rowzee

Most Anticipated Meet: Night Relays

Last Year’s Accomplishments: Actually having a track season

  Junior Alica Sotelo shared, “The track team and I are going to succeed in many ways this season. We have been training and working hard to become the best athletes we can be at the beginning of the season. Throughout the season we will continue to achieve our goals and become even better.” 



Head Coach: Darwin Nettleton

Key Returners: Daylen Stage, Blake Nettleton, Colt Adams, and Garret Polson

Promising New Members: Trevor Dir, Braden Hartman, Braiden Herrera, and Justin Null

Biggest Rival Game: All of the games are equally important but Rock Falls, Dixon, Geneseo

  Senior Blake Nettleton shared, “For the team to be successful we need to do the routine great. We feel that if you do the little things well it will put us in a great position to succeed in the conference. We want to take pride in our defense this year and the ability to play small ball.”


Girl’s Soccer:

Head Coach: Rowell Sanchez 

Key Returners: Olivia Neiderman, Lucia Chino, Chelsey Chatters, and Estefania Cayetano

Promising New Members: Taeya Little and Reagan Schueler

Biggest rival game: Dixon May 10

  Senior Estefania Cayetano shared, “We need communication to succeed. Communication is such an important key to soccer because it compliments the technicality of it all, it’s so important to help each other out when you’re out on the field.” 



Head Coach: Becki Edmondson 

Key Returners: Elizabeth Polumbo, Katie Dittmar, Jozlyn Johnson, Naveah Frey, and Lauren Jacobs

Promising New Members: Markeya Coleman, Marley Sechrest, and Dasia Lewis

Biggest Rival Team: Rock Falls May 6

  Senior Jozlyn Johnson shared, “We definitely need to keep our positive attitudes on and off the field. Also to trust each other throughout the season, and help keep each other’s heads up.”