Prom preparation guide


As a couple, try to coordinate the colors that you wear. Here, the tie and dress are the same color to create a cohesive look.

  With this year’s junior and senior prom quickly approaching, it is time to start your preparations if you haven’t already. Prom is about having fun and enjoying the night full of dancing and friends. On the other hand, expect a small amount of stress when figuring out plans.

  First things first, if you’re wishing to match the theme of the prom, start looking up inspirations for dresses, hairstyles, and makeup looks.

  Senior Hailey Garcia said, “Know your friend group’s dresses so you don’t copy them and don’t order online.”  

  Planning will have to be done, so consider looking for a hairstylist that you trust, along with a makeup artist who can slay the style of makeup you’re wishing for. When it comes to dress shopping, make sure you do your research. This can include what style of dress you like, such as material, length, and the color as well!  

  When planning pre-prom preparation, ponder if you want a pedicure or manicure. Usually, when prom season comes along, salons get busy. Think about the colors that would complement the dress, the style, and color. 

  Expanding on colors, it would be wise to think about corsages and bouquets. Contemplate the colors that will complement the outfit that you’re wearing to the dance. 

  Senior Jesseka Boyer shared, “I think some key things to remember when going to buy your corsage are size, colors, and style. From my personal experience I have found it is best to get one in the middle of not too big and not too small. I would also recommend bringing a sample of your dress in so they can match the colors perfectly. Also have a couple of accent colors that correlate well together. You dont want alot of dangling ribbons. If you are careful and considerate of these things you are bound to have a beautiful corsage or bouquet.”  

  Many places around town make corsages for special events. Some of these businesses include Lundstrom’s, Selmi’s, and Behrz Bloomz. 

  Lastly, when it comes to bringing a date to prom, don’t be afraid to ask your favorite person to dance the night away. 

  Senior Dylan Howard said, “Find a date that is easy to talk to and will live up to both of your expectations for the night.” 

  Bringing friends will make the night more memorable but bringing a date is optional. Don’t be discouraged to go alone. 

  While prom is an exciting time for high school students, the preparation is very much needed in order for prom day to go smoothly.