S.H.S. starts Cardio Club


  S.H.S. has opened a new after school extracurricular activity called cardio club. It is a great way for students to get in shape, practice for a sport, and be more active. 

 The cardio club is open to everyone and takes place after school from 3:15 – 4:15 on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This is an all new club for students looking to get into better shape, be more active, gain endurance, and, maybe best of all, serve detention hours.  

  Running or walking a certain amount of miles can get students and staff members certain rewards such as a cardio club decal, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt. 

  In order to receive the club decal, students can walk 25 miles or run/bike 75 miles. To receive the cardio club t-shirt, students have to walk 50 miles or run/bike 150 miles. Finally, to receive the cardio club sweatshirt, students have to walk 100 miles or run/bike 300 miles. 

  On top of earning rewards for reaching milestones, students also have a chance to walk, run, and bike detention hours off. Every mile walked or ran is one detention hour off. And every three miles biked is one detention hour off.

 There are always enough bikes and treadmills for everyone and a track right outside if students don’t like running inside. 

  Some may ask, why join cardio club? Whether students want to get in shape, get better at their sport, or just like running, cardio club is there for students to utilize to their advantage. 

  Senior Thomas Holcomb said, “I joined cardio club so I could get the prizes and keep grinding for track.” 

  If you’re looking to get in shape, join the cardio club and have fun making yourself a better person!