Entertainment Review: “You” Season 4


  The first part of season four for the hit Netflix series “You” has just been released. To watch it, you must have a subscription with prices ranging from $6.99/month to $19.99/month depending on the plan you get.

  This show falls into the psychological thriller genre. There are different warnings to watch out for when watching this season. The show has a large part of blood and gore shown through-out the new season. It is not that heavy, but still prominent.

  It was good to see some new interesting characters, although most were kind of annoying. It was also interesting to see the plot switch where Joe is now the one being stalked instead of his regular pattern of stalking women. Even though you do have that switch, you almost miss the old Joe shown through seasons one-three and it seems like a different show without that behavior. It was also disappointing to see that Marienne is not a huge part of this season like it hinted at the end of season three.

  This show and season was purely there to entertain and keep people interested and it does well to accomplish this with many twists and mysteries to think about.

  Compared to the previous seasons of this show, season four, so far, does not live up the expectations and is at times, boring. The season misses the feeling that the last three gave, of Joe being the true psychopath that he is. However, if you look at season four alone, it has a very interesting plot and is like a true murder mystery game.

  I would consider this season a slight bust due to there being such a large expectation and it left everyone slightly disappointed. 

  The main character is Penn Badgely who is most known for his role of Dan Humphrey in “Gossip Girl” and a rising actress named Lukas Gage who has starred in “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus.”

  Season four is worth the time to watch and at the moment there are only five hours worth of episodes until the second volume drops. The fact that the rest of the season drops at a later date is why you should watch it as you are not sure what they still might have in store for the viewers and it could really turn around and become something that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  The second volume will be released March 9th so be sure to watch the first volume before that date. You can even use some of your time on spring break to watch the rest of the new season of “You.” If you enjoy the murder mystery plot you should definitely make time to watch this show.