New classes come to S.H.S.


 Coming soon to Sterling High School are two new courses, Film and Literature with English teacher Haley Farringer and Ag Mechanics – woodworking with agriculture teacher Megan Stanley. 

  Ag Mechanics – woodworking with agriculture teacher Megan Stanley is going to be a class where students fine-tune their woodworking skills, so they work on using specific tools like laths, table saws, and dado blades. Those are the things that make finer woodworking. 

  Stanley shared, “I feel very optimistic about it. I think it will give our students a great opportunity to refine their woodworking skills. My students right now in ag mechanics have a lot of practice with rough construction, but not fine woodworking. With the equipment and tools that we are allowed to use out of the new shop, they’ll get more practice with fine detail.”

  Another new class that is coming to Sterling High School is Film and Literature. This is taught by English teacher Haley Farringer. Film and Literature is a course where students read about the history of film, the reflections, or influences of the film on the culture and issues of interpretation, production, and adaptation. 

  English teacher Haley Farringer emphasizes the importance of this. 

  “I am really excited to teach it. I feel there will be a lot of interest in it. It is a film and literature course where we will study movies in the same way we study literature in my English classes.” Each teacher sounds confident about the new classes coming to Sterling High School. 

  With the new classes coming to Sterling, this will give students more options on what they would like to major in for their future.