Entertainment Review: “I Rest My Case”

Entertainment Review: I Rest My Case

  Kentrell DeSeaun Gaulden, or more commonly known as NBA Youngboy, is a 23-year old rapper that originated in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and started making music in 2015. Since then NBA YoungBoy has been nominated six times for the B.E.T. Awards. 

  NBA YoungBoy has recently released a new album named “I Rest My Case.” This album was released January 6, 2023, and contains 19 songs. 

  Normally NBA YoungBoy makes aggressive music like the song “50 Shots,” while still producing some calm rap just like the song “Through The Storm.” However, this album contains more aggressive rage songs. With the shortest song on the album being a minute and thirty-four seconds, the whole album’s run time comes to forty minutes long. The most streamed song is currently “Black” with 2.4 Million views. Along with that, NBA Youngboy was the first rapper to surpass 100 million streams in 2023.  

  A lot of people were on edge about this album because it was a different style than what he would normally produce. Similar to what we saw with Drake when he released the album “Honestly Never Mind” because it wasn’t like his normal songs.  My personal favorite song on the album was “Black.” It reminds me of Playboy Carti’s type of music, with a retro game type of beat. I love his style because of the way that he can take any beat and make it sound rhythmic with his wordplay.

With only a few albums that have dropped in 2023, this one is probably my least favorite one.  In my opinion this is probably not a top three album of this year, I do not like that there are no features even if Youngboy is a good enough rapper.