Poms team plans for annual guy/girl dance


Past guy/girl dancers performing in front of SHS fans. The guys learned the dance for tonight a week before the game.

  On February 10, the Sterling High School poms team is putting together a fun performance for the Sterling basketball fans to enjoy. 

  S.H.S. Poms have a guy/girl dance performance to bring a fun halftime show to the basketball game. Coach Kassidy Kenney explains that S.H.S. poms do this dance “to get more students involved in extracurricular activities (even if it’s just for a week).” S.H.S. poms have been doing this guy/girl dance for over ten years, and they are excited to continue this tradition for another year. 

  Each girl on the poms team chooses a guy to dance with during the halftime show of the Quincy home game. The guys have to be taught the dance the week of the basketball game. The practices are every night for about two hours at the school. Then, the captains and/or the seniors on the team choreograph the dance. 

  Senior poms member Alice Sotelo explains how excited she is “to go to practice with new people who make everything so fun.” Sotelo has been in poms all four years of high school. She is one of the captains on the S.H.S. poms team this year. Sotelo choreographed part of the dance. Last year Sotelo’s dad stepped up to dance with her as her partner. Even at times, parents join in on the fun for S.H.S. events. 

  Junior Marco Chino explains that he is “nervous, but excited to be a part of this guy/girl dance event.” Chino is nervous about dancing in front of the whole school along with S.H.S. basketball fans, but he says with excitement, “I know I will have a great time with my dance partner.” This is Chino’s first time dancing in the guy/girl dance, but he always was in the stands watching the Poms team perform. He would never have thought he would be on the court dancing for the crew.

  The S.H.S poms will have a great time dancing with the partner of their choice. In addition, the S.H.S basketball fans will be very entertained during halftime by what the S.H.S Poms team comes up with.