November Students of the Month

 The Sterling High School Student of the Month (SOTM) is the highest level of academic and extracurricular recognition for Sterling High School Seniors. SOTM winners are students who have challenged themselves with rigorous courses, are involved in activity and/or athletics, have taken on a leadership role within the school community, and portray Sterling High School in a positive light. The two students that were awarded this title for November are Connor Pham and Makayla Wolfe.

November Students of the Month Makayla Wolfe and Connor Pham

  Pham has proven his worth at S.H.S. with the many activities he has done and the Accelerated/AP classes Pham has taken. Pham holds a GPA of 4.286, and his knowledge continues to grow. Due to his great time management skills, Pham has been able to complete classes such as Ap Psychology, AP Calculus, AP Lit. & Comp, and AP Chem. 

  Sterling High School has recognized many of Pham’s skills and has awarded him for his talents. He has received many awards during his time at Sterling High School, such as being a Tennis State Qualifier, Cross Country sectional Qualifier, and Swimming Qualifier. 

  Outside of school, Pham often participates in tennis, along with playing video games, watching TV shows, reading, and hanging out with his friends. Pham was honored this year with the role of team captain for varsity tennis and president of Young Doctors League. Pham has been involved in many activities in and outside of Sterling High School, such as chess club, student council, varsity swimming, varsity cross country, robotics, and varsity tennis. Pham plans for the future to go to a four-year college to study biology and hopefully go into medicine.

  The other student that has been awarded with the title “Student of the Month” is Makayla Wolfe. Due to her well-rounded personality, Wolfe holds a GPA of 4.167 and has completed classes such as AP Lang and Comp, Accelerated English 1, and Accelerated English 2. 

  Wolfe has been awarded for her leadership positions and academic skills. She is currently a football poms officer and basketball poms captain for her senior year, and participates in the gold team. She also participates in multiple activities for Sterling High School including football and basketball poms, golf team, National Honor Society, and student council. 

  Outside of school, Wolfe does volunteer work at the Sterling High School concession stand, is a group leader for the annual Vacation Bible School at a local church, shops for needy children during the holiday season, and assists with the East Coloma Community Easter Egg Hunt. 

  These two really set the bar and represent Sterling High School as a whole and they will move on to accomplish amazing things after high school.