Entertainment Review: “It Starts With Us”


  Colleen Hoover is an American author who has recently been making a name for herself. The past six years since her release of the romance novel “It Ends With Us” which is the story of Lilly Bloom who witnessed her mother be abused and promised herself she wouldn’t get involved with that kind of thing either. After leaving home, she meets Ryle Kincaid, a surgeon at a nearby hospital. They fall in love and Lily later realizes that she is exactly like her mother. Ever since then she still has kept up for her fans and was a self-publisher for years until she found a publishing house to help her publish.

  Hoover has sold over 200 million books, with four million of those copies being “It Ends With Us.” After all those years of people buying this book and years of her fans asking for more, in October of 2022, Hoover released her book “It Starts With Us.” This book is the continuation of her 2016 novel “It Ends With Us’ ‘ and sold out in just one day at Barnes & Noble for 13.99 or 17.99 dollars.

   Hoover’s realistic fiction series has helped many lost girls in abusive relationships to find out where they are and what their purpose is. Hoover’s books have also been seen to be getting a bit rushed and can be seen to be trying too hard. With Hoover writing about such a dark relationship of domestic and emotional abuse, it was nice to see Hoover bring a happy ending to this book. Many of her fans are thankful that they have had books to relate to or to help them not feel so alone in a time of need.    

  This book could be seen as both a hit or miss. On one side readers can be thankful that the main character got her happy ending. On the other hand, readers can see the book as being unrealistic and sloppy. However you read the book, it touches you in some way. 

  With all these books selling fast and bringing Colleen to fame, her fans are excited to see what she comes up with next.