Baker brings experience to S.H.S.


  As winter is approaching, the wrestling team is welcoming a new face to their coaching staff. Our very own history teacher and new assistant wrestling coach Nolan Baker is bringing his experience to the team.

  Baker has wrestled his entire life, so he is not new to this lifestyle. He has had many accomplishments throughout his career, such as a two-time IHSA state champion, fifth place in the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, and bronze in the 2021 U.S. Open. Baker wrestled at Northern Illinois University and was also an Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete.

  Coach Baker plans on bringing a new type of energy to the wrestling room and a high level of technique that the athletes might not have experienced before. He plans on helping the wrestlers think about different strategies that will prepare them to go on the mat. He states that he has “a very good grasp of what will actually work in a match and what will not.” 

  Getting to know each and every wrestler will help him get a better understanding on how he will benefit the athletes skills.

  Baker believes wrestling is both an individual and team sport. Baker stated, “Wrestling is a chance to learn a new skill set, meet new people, and develop valuable life skills, but it won’t always be the most comfortable environment.” 

  When in the gym, athletes are always asked to work their hardest. Senior Karson Strohmayer reveals that “Baker is a really good coach, he brings a lot to the wrestling team and with his background he can improve everyone’s wrestling. He is someone you can go to when you have questions. He is very technical.”

  With this season, Coach Baker is wanting to set a strong precedent. He plans on helping improve techniques and conditioning throughout practices. Baker wants each and every one of his athletes to hold himself and his teammates accountable on the mat, but also in the classroom. 

  As an influential role model, Coach Baker wants to leave an impact as a teacher and as a coach.