S.H.S. presents “You Can’t Take It With You”


Sophomore Rileigh Wren and Junior Francisco Pease play around after a successful play practice. The play is a comedy this year rather than the typical fall play at SHS, which is normally more serious.

 The Sterling High School Theater has been working hard all year on their newest production, “You Can’t Take It With You!” This production centers around the Sycamore family, an all- around chaotic group, which suits this year’s cast perfectly. This production is unlike past productions in the fact that it has a very small, yet talented cast. Compared to past productions that have been on the more serious side, this one is unique in that it is a comedy. 

  Senior and cast member Anna Hutchison, she said her favorite part of this production was how close the cast was to each other and how well they all were able to work together to create a great show while still having fun.  Another cast member, freshman Layla Anderson, who’s a stage manager this year has acted before high school, but states that she likes being a stage manager because “it’s a lot of fun and I like getting the chance to meet this years cast.”

   Timothy Schlegel has been the theater director at S.H.S. for 25 years. Schlegel said, “Each year is different due to the students, but everybody this year works well together and it’s been easy to put together, but fun at the same time.”

  Many members of the tight-knit group of actors have been performing together for years, such as junior, Francisco Pease, who says that when watching this year’s fall play “you’ll be laughing your socks off.” Whether they’re in character or not, all the cast members are extremely passionate and laugh a lot. Seeing their ability to go from casually laughing and chatting on the stage to snapping into character is a testament to their professionalism and dedication.  

  It’s clear that each student embedded parts of their own personality into their characters, allowing them to truly come to life. 

  This year’s fall play will certainly be something special! Everybody can come and see this year’s production of “You Can’t Take It With You” on October 28, 29, and 30th!