Entertainment Review: Pizza


  Many of you guys had mixed feelings about my chicken sandwich review, but now we’re reviewing pizza so I’m sure this will cause no problems. The seven pizza places in question will be Al and Leda’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Johnny’s, Manny’s, Casey’s, the school’s pizza, and Angelo’s. These pizzas will be graded on longevity (how long it stays edible), cleanliness (lack of grease/falling apart), the cheese, the crust, visual appeal, taste, and then will get an overall score 1-5. This will be based on plain cheese pizza. 


Al & Leda’s – Al & Leda’s is one of the two square pieces we will be reviewing, though the squares may lack visual appeal. But overall, Al & Leda’s is really solid and will be receiving a good score from me.


Longevity – 3.5

Cleanliness – 3.7 

Visual appeal – 4.4

Cheese – 5

Crust – 3.9

Taste – 4.3

Overall – 4.1


Domino’s – This is our go-to pizza for after football games and it’s pretty much the only time I eat this pizza. I’ve been a fan of this pizza and I think my scores will make it pretty obvious.


Longevity – 2.3

Cleanliness – 4

Visual appeal – 3.2

Cheese – 3.4

Crust – 4.4

Taste – 3.6

Overall – 3.4


Pizza Hut – The beauty of a Pizza Hut pizza is how it stays good for such a long time. The longevity is just unbelievable. It’s definitely not the best but it’s pretty consistent and it always hits late at night when you reheat it. 


Longevity – 5

Cleanliness – 3.5

Visual appeal – 3.8

Cheese – 4.5

Crust – 3.8

Taste – 3.9

Overall – 4


Johnny’s – Johnny’s pizza is absolutely delicious. It’s cooked in a brick oven and the sauce is wonderful. It folds easily which is always nice because I fold my pizza when I eat it. It’s also amazing when reheated.


Longevity – 5

Cleanliness – 4

Visual appeal – 4.1

Cheese -3.9

Crust – 5

Taste – 4.5

Overall – 4.4


Manny’s – Can’t lie I have never been a huge fan of Manny’s but my classmates in publications are making me review it. When I do get Manny’s I’m more of a taco guy because I just do not find their pizza very tasty. I’m just not a fan of their crust, and the cheese is a little weird for me too.  Lots of better options out there. Mrs. Drew wholeheartedly disagrees.


Longevity – 2

Cleanliness – 3

Visual appeal – 3

Cheese – 3

Crust – 3.6

Taste – 3

Overall – 2.9 


Casey’s – A lot of people are huge fans of Casey’s pizza. It’s a solid pizza but it’s a little inconsistent. Sometimes it’s good. But when it misses it really misses. Especially when you buy it as a single slice. But for the most part I have nothing but positive things to say about this pizza. And it’s definitely a top three place to get pizza in Sterling.


Longevity – 3

Cleanliness – 4.2

Visual appeal – 4.7

Cheese – 4

Crust – 4.2

Taste – 4.4

Overall – 4.2 


The school’s pizza – Now this came as a big surprise to me. Though the visual appeal wasn’t great, this pizza was much better than expected, and it definitely wasn’t the worst on this list. A solid slice of pizza coming out of the S.H.S. lunch room. 


Longevity – N/A

Cleanliness – 4

Visual appeal – 2.5

Cheese – 4.5

Crust – 3.9

Taste – 4

Overall – 3.8 


Angelo’s – And saving the best for last, Angelos is perfect. Literally there is nothing wrong with this pizza. I feel at home when I bite into this heavenly slice of pizza. It honestly makes me feel safe. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have them.


Longevity – 5

Cleanliness – 3.5

Visual appeal – 5

Cheese – 5

Crust – 5

Taste – 5

Overall – 4.8