Entertainment review: “Dawn Fm” by The Weeknd


  On January 7, 2022, The Weeknd decided to start the New Year off by releasing an album. “Dawn FM” is 51 minutes and 49 seconds long and features artists like Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne. The album is narrated by Jim Carrey.    

  “Dawn FM” has a unique sound to it and isn’t like most music you would hear on the radio. It has a very 80’s synth-pop sound and something like what Michael Jackson would create. Many songs on this album became popular on TikTok. 

  A couple of these songs are “Out of Time,” “Take my Breath,” and “Sacrifice.” “Out of time” has a jazzy tone to it and includes some percussion instruments; it’s one of the slower songs on the album. “Take my Breath” is one of my personal favorite songs on this album as the baseline used really pulls the song together. 

  After reading many reviews posted by fans of The Weeknd, I have concluded that most people have enjoyed “Dawn FM.” Despite the different sound, fans are able to recognize and appreciate how his vocal and studio work improved. 

  One person called this album “simply mesmerizing,” and another said “I’ll never get bored of listening to this.” Though “Dawn FM” has very good reviews, many have also said that “Starboy” and “After Hours” were better overall. It will definitely take some time for this album to grow on you and understand the artistic thought put into it. 

  In conclusion, “Dawn FM” is a charming album with a sound that is different from many other albums released around this time. It definitely isn’t getting as much recognition from the media as I would expect for it with how well it is produced. The Weeknd’s inclusion of a popular narrator and other popular artists should’ve boosted its popularity and presence on social media.