Entertainment Review: “King Richard”

  Every year, hundreds of movies are released. Warner Bros. released a movie this year that was titled “King Richard.” It was released into theaters and HBO Max on November 19 through December 19, 2021. It is free with a subscription of $15 a month on HBO Max. 

  This movie is considered to be a sports drama movie. It’s a PG-13 movie due to intense language, while also having drugs and sexual references. 

  “King Richard” is a feel-good sports movie that highlights a father’s efforts and struggles of supporting his daughters, Serena and Venus Williams, to become successful tennis players. Their father wanted them out of the ghetto and have them become more in life. Although Serena is more well-known nowadays, Venus has a bigger role in the movie. 

  This film teaches old school values of individual responsibility, respect and hard work. It catches the audience’s attention and makes them emotionally attached to the people in the movie. 

  Similar to other feel-good sports movies, it teaches about the struggles of wanting to become one of the best athletes in history. This story and many others want people to go out and work hard for what they want. 

  This movie is definitely a hit. It teaches good lessons to young athletes and people in general. Sometimes observing struggles turn into a wonderful outcome, people become inspired and want that story to be theirs. 

  While this story is about the well-known Williams sisters, Will Smith is a lead actor in the role of King Richard, the main character. Smith inspired audiences by adding emotions that made his roles as a father, coach, and husband so real and showed the struggles of everyday life as those people.  

  “King Richard” is worth the money. Any movie that teaches life lessons in a real-life situation is worth watching.