Entertainment Review: Shelby Raes


  The dessert establishment “Shelby Raes” opened for business towards the end of summer. It’s never slowed down for them all the way up until their final day of the year. Shelby Raes sells Italian ice, custard, and gelati, which is a combination of both Italian ice and custard. It was started by senior Sydnee Thueson and her family. 

  Thueson states, “I decided to start Shelby Raes because of the opportunity to bring something to the community that we didn’t already have.”

  The dessert was sold out of a trailer. This trailer was parked in the Northland Mall, Selmi’s, and they sold it during football games throughout the season. 

  The Italian ice comes in a variety of flavors and the custard comes in chocolate and vanilla. Italian ice comes in many flavors such as Tigers Blood, Banana, Blue Raspberry, and many more – and not a single one of them is bad. The three dessert options came in three sizes and were priced very reasonably: small ($4), medium ($5), and large ($6). 

  Shelby Raes is a very unique business for the Sauk Valley Area because it’s the only business that sells gelati. The quality of the custard that is sold, easily matches that of Culvers’ custard. 

  Shelby Raes is a major hit. When the Italian ice was combined with the custard in the form of gelati, it provided the perfect treat for a hot sunny day. The Italian ice that Shelby Raes sells is on-par and arguably greater than the shaved ice that is sold by “Kona Ice.” The amount of gelati that you got for the price made the prices well worth it. Senior and seasoned customer Reiley Austin said “my favorite part of Shelby Raes was how good the combination of italian ice and custard was and how I could choose from so many different options.”

  Shelby Raes closed business for the season and they plan on opening their doors back up in the spring. When that happens, it is well worth your while to swing past the Northland Mall, or wherever their trailer is parked, and grab some gelati.