Top Ten Reasons to Join Publications


S.H.S. Publications students gather to take a group photo during Homecoming week. Publications Students worked together to set up tables, hang signs, and more to hand out last year’s yearbook during S.H.S.’s annual BBQ.

  1. Attain Publications Skills 

The skills learned in Publications can be applied to almost any profession, such as teachers, realtors, editors and so on. It is important for a student to take a Publications class because of the beneficial lessons that one learned throughout the class. 

     2. Make new Friends 

Publications may be the course for you if you’re interested in making new friends. The class is diverse and inclusive to all students creating a warm and welcoming environment. Senior Zachary Shapero said, “It’s made me work with people that I didn’t want to previously work with, but it has made our relationship closer. At the end of the day, I would say that I feel closer to them and I appreciated working with them.” 

     3. Create the Yearbook

If you want to have control of the yearbook, Publications may be the class for you. While this requires a collaborative effort, every Publications student is responsible for a desired spread. The yearbook is about every student that attends S.H.S., and it is inspiring to have control over what students will look back at twenty years from now. 

     4. Social Media Responsibility 

The publications class is about more than just designing the yearbook. In this class, you are responsible for taking pictures and creating videos that Mrs. Drew posts on S.H.S Publication’s Instagram page. 

     5. Creative Outlet 

One aspect many students don’t realize about Publications is that it’s a great outlet for students who want to be creative in school but can’t be inspired in other classes. A lot of spreads have little to no creative restrictions. It is also exciting to see your design come to life and bring other students joy when reminiscing over the past school year. 

     6. Little Stress

Publications allow students to have little to no outside homework. The class also teaches students time management since all of the spreads and articles have strict deadlines. While having deadlines is dreadful, this should not make or break your opinion on Publications. Students in Publications have almost every class period to complete their projects. 

     7. Improve Writing Skills 

Along with attaining skills from Publications, writing is a considerable skill that Publications students improve on. While having to develop captions, articles, and more, multiple students feel that their writing skills have improved over the past year. For example, publications student Maggie Rowzee says, “I know that my writing has improved because over the past year, writing captions for pictures has become much easier.” 

     8. Gives you a Sense of Responsibility 

While there is not a huge workload in Publications, there are deadlines that help make developing the yearbook much easier. Also, when one of your projects gets finished, it feels amazing to have this weight lifted off of your shoulders. 

     9. Team Building Skills 

When assigned a spread, you are also given a partner or partners with intentions to complete the project by a deadline. Working with a team on these projects creates a sense of trust and reliability within the team. Furthermore, after the project is completed, everyone on the team feels accomplished when erasing their project name off of the board to celebrate the completion. 

     10. Discover a new Passion 

Sophomore Victoria Nguyen says, “Publications inspires me to put my creativity on paper by designing the yearbook to let me express myself more. I’ve learned many skills and I’m happy that I can create something that will last a lifetime.” As you can tell, Publications inspires students to be creative and even ignites a new fire within to encourage students to have fun with designing. 


  All in all, you should really consider joining Publications. There are no cons to joining the class, and this is a great, chill class that also gives students skills to remember for a lifetime.