Door Decorating


Social studies Dan Paufve’s 6th hour class designed a creative and fun door for the door decorating contest. The door decorating contest returned to S.H.S. after a year off due to COVID.

   The holiday spirit is evident everywhere you look but especially on the doors at S.H.S. for the student council-sponsored door decorating contest. There were plenty of great doors here at Sterling High School, but a couple stood out more than the others. 

  Science teacher and student council leader Nicole Schlemmer had a fantastic two-part door. Her 6th hour anatomy class created a reindeer hospital design. One of her doors has “6th Hour A&P” and it is a reindeer rescue site. The other door is the reindeer hospital side. This door is definitely one that took time and preparation.

  One of the life skills classes had a fantastic door where it looked like Santa was going down the chimney. These students used their space efficiently. They used the wall space around the door and the door. They had Santa’s feet at the top of the door insinuating that he was going down the chimney. On the wall next to the door, they colored characters and placed them around the bottom of a Christmas tree. The other Life Skills class created a gingerbread house that had paper gumdrops all around it. These students did a wonderful job!

  Counselor Mrs. Darci Francis, “The life skills door was my favorite. They really encompassed a large area and it was adorable.”

  For those who are suckers for the Grinch, science teacher Steve Johnson’s door is a perfect combination of science, Grinch, and Christmas. This door has the Grinch about to steal Christmas. The students used elements on the periodic table to spell Christmas the best they could with the result being “Cristmas.” They used protons and electrons to make a Christmas tree. This door is incredibly creative and one of a kind. 

  While people put a lot of thought and dedication into their doors, one of the most unique doors is social studies Dan Paufve’s class who created a Christmas tree with nontraditional decorations. There is a white background that represents snow. The other decorations on the door consist of a beautiful picture of Mr. Paufve’s face as the Christmas tree topper, two cut out paper arms as the branches, and a pair of legs for the tree stand. With something like this you know right away it represents something much bigger than Christmas.

  Everyone worked so hard on their doors this year and they all turned out wonderful!