Decking the halls at S.H.S.


Publications teacher Jennifer Drew’s Starbucks tree is one of three trees in her room. Many teachers broke out their holiday decorations to help celebrate the season.

  After returning from a long Thanksgiving break, everyone is now focused on Christmas with Christmas decorations beginning to deck the halls of Sterling High School on December first.

  While walking around Sterling High School, almost every class has a Christmas decoration, including the office. Last year due to COVID-19, Christmas was not on the school’s radar. Staying safe and clean was the main focus of school and most people. Caution is still being taken, but this year, COVID-19 has gotten better, with everything starting to get closer to normal.

  Christmas decorations in classes are looking nice and bright, some people having Christmas trees, or wreaths, and lights. Setting the tone for the Holiday that everyone loves. 

  Sophomore Marco Chino said, “I like the Christmas decorations because it makes me feel at home and comfortable, and I like the library decorations.”

  Around S.H.S., you’ll notice the classroom doors that are decorated and covered in some sort of Christmas decoration. Some staff took time out of their day to create unique Christmas door decorations for the Student Council door decoration contest. Many teachers and students are participating in the holiday season, the school warming up to the cold winter weather outside. 

  If you walk around, some classrooms have Christmas trees in them. Decorating for Christmas brightens up not only the month, but people as well. English teacher Jennifer Drew has two nice Christmas trees in her room, with festive and cheerful ornaments on them. 

  The library also has many decorations. The librarians decorated it with lights, a little Christmas tree, and more. The library is a popular spot where kids go to study or do homework, so seeing Christmas decorations can make those people relaxed and calm as they study for finals. 

  Spanish teacher Julie Melsness said, “I love to decorate for Christmas because it’s a beautiful way to brighten up the darkest month of the year.”

  Although the world is crazy nowadays, ‘tis the season to decorate and be jolly. S.H.S. can be your inspiration to go home and put up all of the decorations!