Winter fashion at S.H.S.

  The city of Sterling, and the overall state of Illinois, has a very weird weather pattern in the winter. An important task to remember during these times is to make sure you’re always wearing the right outfit.

  Winter fashion isn’t just about looking decent; it’s also about staying warm and planning for the weather. Most high school students don’t really plan into their outfits too much; a lot of students just wear the usual hoodie and sweatpants. But, despite this norm, there are still some other fashion trends to be found. 

  One winter item that has become popular is oversized jean jackets. Not only do high school students enjoy wearing them, people all around the world incorporate them into their winter outfits. Jean jackets aren’t very warm from my experience, so this trend is most likely just appearance based. 

  Junior Kaidence Stroup, “I just think (the oversized jean jacket) is comfortable and looks good with different types of clothing.”

  Some other items that are popular in 2021 are plaid and color blocks. Plaid pajama pants and flannels have been coming back into style recently, while color block is slowly becoming a new trend. Color block is the use of bold and bright blocks of color in clothing design.

  Popular brands for winter clothing are H&M, Urban Outfitters, The North Face, and Columbia, along with the usual Nike and Adidas. If you are the type of person to wear boots, then Doc Martens would be the place to buy from this year. They are costly, but are definitely worth it and in style. Junior Aliya Gutierrez wears Doc Martens “because they are cute, duh. Also they are different and can make you stand out.”

  One thing I have noticed is that many students don’t wear coats, including myself. They are too bulky and take up a ton of space in the lockers. The solution for this problem is just to wear sweaters and hoodies to avoid being cold and to avoid the hassle of putting a coat in your locker. 

  Junior Gracey Malmberg doesn’t wear a coat and says, “It is so embarrassing to wear a coat and have it make that swishy sound.”

  Overall, winter fashion at Sterling High School doesn’t seem to be that important. Winter is often the season where people are able to be lazy with their outfits. The only goal students have is to stay warm throughout the day.