How to conquer an interview

Sofia Rivera, Newspaper Reporter

  Go to your favorite restaurant and grab yourself an application, this article will teach you how having a job is important by teaching young adults how to work for their own money, and understand the value of hard earned money.  Even though jobs are mainly used for income, there are a lot of possible friends that could be made while working at your new job. Having a job interview can be an exciting yet a nerve wracking experience. 

  Before the interview, it is recommended to practice using correct grammar and speaking fluently. Having confidence in your word choice is key when speaking to adults, this appreciation indicates a strong amount of knowledge and admiration. Speaking follows closely with confidence, when you’re talking to your future boss it’s best to speak with a pleasant and relaxed tone. Don’t be afraid to start your own conversation, ask questions that you’re wondering about like; What are the duties this job will include? What is the starting pay? What will my hours be for the week? 

  Arthur’s Garden Deli owner Scott Wolber, expresses his expectations of possible employee candidates by stating, “I always appreciate when an applicant is respectful, thoughtful with their responses, has energy, and looks presentable. I also enjoy when the applicant can be themself and can enjoy some humor during the interview.”

 A former employee of Aurthur’s Garden Deli stated that, “I felt comfortable being interviewed by Scotty. He was well mannered and very genuine.” 

  Lastly, if you intend to slay this interview and walk out with a job offer; Scott Wolber says, “If they are humble, have a positive outlook on working, look presentable, have integrity and an energetic/sociable personality, I’d feel confident I may have a great potential hire.” 

  Student Jordan Razo revealed his feelings about his personal experience in an interview, stating “Before my job interview, I dressed nicely to make a good first impression. When I went to the interview I waited to be interviewed and studied how everyone else answered questions. When it was my turn, I answered their questions thoughtfully and then asked some of my own questions. Overall, it was an easy experience and I felt very comfortable talking to my interviewer.” 

  Communication and interviews will always be a part of life, so take these skills into consideration. Hopefully, you’ll rock your next interview.