Entertainment review: Dolls Kill

  Popular brand for alternative clothing Dolls Kill has been taking a lot of heat recently. The clothing line started in 2011 by married couple Shoddy Lynn and Bobby Farahi.

  While a lot of the boutique’s clothing items are very stylistic, many of them are over $100. This is especially overpriced for a company that is known to plagiarize their designs.

  There were controversies surrounding the sale of a “Prehistoric Princess Outfit” that fetishized Native American culture, a “Goth is White” T-shirt and a tone deaf social media post by Shoddy Lynn. Her tone deaf post led her to purchasing $1 million worth of products from Black-owned businesses and donating all the profits to community organizations. 

  A “Max” costume based on “Where The Wild Things Are” was stolen from Etsy creator Jamie Hollis. After trying to discuss the problem with the brand, they sent her an automated message and blocked her on social media shortly after.

  Shoddy Lynn continued to steal from many small creators and never owned up to her mistakes. None of the piece’s creators were notified when they were taken off the website. 

  Dolls Kill stated, “With such strong roots in design, Dolls Kill takes claims of design theft very seriously and has put stringent internal and external controls in place to make sure that the designs we sell are not copied. 

  Over the years, Dolls Kill has continually worked to improve these controls and is certain we have made tremendous strides in this area as the company has matured. We have also taken the unprecedented step of giving our community a way to report any products they believe infringe on anyone’s designs.

  Dolls Kill investigates every allegation thoroughly according to the facts of the situation and takes appropriate action when necessary. Design theft is a threat to everyone in this industry, and we will continue to go above and beyond in doing our part to protect up-and-coming designers.”

  With all this controversy going on with the company, hopefully they will soon realize what they’ve gotten themselves into and begin to change their ways.