A return to normalcy: Homecoming Week 2021


Juniors cheer for their classmates in the tug of war during the homecoming pre-assembly. Assemblies were added back in for homecoming week this year.

  The 2021 Fall Homecoming week signaled a return to normalcy for the students at Sterling High School. Homecoming was able to happen in the fall this year and it was allowed to be held with minimal restrictions. The school was finally allowed to hold assemblies again.

  Homecoming week festivities began with the homecoming pre-assembly on the Friday before the week of the dance. At the assembly, students played games in which the classes competed against each other, the nominations for Homecoming court were announced, and the dress days were previewed.

  On Tuesday, the school held their annual picnic. Yearbooks from the previous year were passed out and the winners of homecoming court were announced. There were games that were set out to be played by students and it just gave students a well-deserved break from the school day. 

  Senior Lucas Clark said, “Homecoming week was great. It was nice to get a break from the normal day-to-day.”

  On Wednesday, Numbers Ball and the bonfire took place after school. Numbers Ball was a heated competition and was super close as always. However, the seniors took the win over the juniors in the championship. After the competition, students moved to the softball field for the bonfire.

  The official homecoming assembly was on Friday. More games were set up by the student council for the classes to compete in. There were a variety of performances including from the Poms team, Cheerleading team, and a dance performed by some boys from the Senior class. All of this led into the dance on Saturday.

  The theme of the dance was “Hocochella.” Over the summer, the student council came up with ideas and decided this was the best theme. The idea behind “Hocochella” was that the dance’s environment would be like a music festival. 

 Nicole Schlemmer, co-adviser of student council, played a huge part in how smoothly homecoming week went. She held meetings throughout the summer to get prepared and talk about every detail for this important week. 

  Schlemmer said, “I think, especially after not having a true homecoming in 2020, I was the most proud of how successful it was. I was also proud of how many student council members we had who were just so committed – they truly are responsible for our success and were such a fun and dedicated group to work with.”

  Homecoming week did a great job of picking up spirits at Sterling High School. The first Homecoming dance in two years really was a success.