S.H.S. donates to local elementary schools


  September 24 to October 1, the Sterling High School library held a book drive in hopes of collecting books for local elementary schools. The books were collected in different boxes outside the library, with a box for each grade to contribute to.

  This was the first ever donation drive that the Library Club held, and it was said to be brainstormed from the beginning of the school year. All members of the Library Club were excited to host this drive. They are hoping to deliver the books in person and read with some students at the elementary schools.

  The purpose of this drive was to give students and teachers who may not have books at home a way to have access to some, or to help teachers expand their classroom libraries. Just over 200 books were donated.

  Librarian Heather Johnson said, “I’m not sure if we will host the drive again in the future. I’m guessing my students will be excited to do it again though! Club members and SHS staff were very receptive. They brought in some really good books.”

  Senior Lindsey Johnson stated, “Originally, it was my idea to do a book drive. Our club wanted to do it last year, but with how hectic things were with Covid it just never ended up happening.

  This year, I helped the drive by donating some books from home that I didn’t read anymore and I let some of my classmates know about the drive. The real MVP of the book drive was senior Andrew Doughty, another member of the Library Club who donated boxes full of his own books; he was the one who made the book drive a true success!”

  Johnson states, “I’d like to do another book drive in the future since I think it’s a really positive and beneficial thing to do for our elementary schools, but as of now I have no idea when that would be.”

  Library Club meets every other Wednesday in the library during the 8th hour, and all are welcome to join. All the books that were donated were dropped off at both Lincoln and Jefferson on Thursday, October 28.