The Class of ’23 reflects on their best moments


Seniors Kael Ryan and John Paul Schilling high five after a good play. This year was Schilling’s first year playing high school football.

  As the year comes to an end for the seniors, we look back to remember the good times they had at Sterling High School. Although it may be sad to think our seniors are leaving us, let’s recognize some of their best/favorite moments here.

  Senior Alice Sotelo shared that her favorite moment was when she won the state championship for girls triple jump last year. She stated, “It was not only a big deal for me, but also for my school and town, and I’m glad I got to represent Sterling in such a special way.” Track is a big part of Sotelo’s life and she has worked extremely hard to get where she is now. Sterling High School will always remember how big of an impact she had on the girls track team and the town. 

   Seniors John Paul Schilling, Kael Ryan, and Mateo Vasquez talk about their best moments being at the Sterling High School football games. Every Friday of the football games, Schilling would get excited “knowing that the majority of the town will be coming out to support the team play.” 

  Ryan shared that the first round playoff game against Saint Viator was his favorite moment. Ryan enjoyed getting to win a home playoff game, after not winning a home playoff game since 2019. He loved “to see everyone so happy” when they took the victory against Saint Viator. Vasquez remembers the first football game of the year, the “drums banging” as the team was in the locker room getting ready to come out to see their fans for the first time. Vasquez explained that this feeling “will never be recreated in my life.” All three seniors are so grateful to be a part of such a strong and great community that supports them in everything that they do. 

   Senior Julia Thormeyer said that being in class with her friends and the little moments with them will always be special to her. Thormeyer switched to Sterling High School from Newman her junior year of high school. She says, “I got to know a lot of new people and made friendships I won’t forget.” Thormeyer is happy she made the decision to come to S.H.S., and has made many memories here with her good friends.  

   After some of our seniors share their best/favorite moments at S.H.S., we realize how big of a family Sterling is and how good the community treats our students/athletes. We are gonna miss our seniors next year, so happy they had an amazing four years with us.