ER: Kali Uchis “Red Moon in Venus”


  Karly Marina Loaiza, also known by Kali Uchis, is a pop and R&B artist. Uchis has produced great hits including “After the Storm” and “Telepatia.” After two long years of fans waiting for a new album, “Red Moon in Venus” was released on March 3, 2023. 

  As a fan of Kali Uchis, here is an honest review of the songs included in Uchis’ new album.

  “In My Garden…” The intro to the album being only 25 seconds brings a calming feeling. The start of the album is very soothing and quiet. Despite being short, the first song is still good making this song a 6/10.

  “I Wish you Roses” The lyrics to this song are immaculate. The beat behind the song would be the perfect vibe for late-night drives. The lyrics speak about wishing the best to someone by using a metaphor of roses. This song is a 9/10 overall. 

  “Worth the Wait (feat. Omar Apollo)” A song between Kali Uchis and Omar Apollo was overdue and needed. With both artists’ music being similar, this song really brought both their works to life. The vocals are very soft and soothing and the lyrics take a deeper meaning by expressing the need to be around someone. This song is an 8/10.

  “Love Between…” The beat to this song is slower and more musical. This song talks about how someone makes them happy, with the song ending with calm harmonizing. The impressive beat and lyrics to this song, result in it earning a 7/10 rating.

  “All Mine” In this song, I really enjoyed the power Kali sang with. The slow beat really adds on to the greatness of this song. The lyrics add even more amazement. This song is definitely a personal-favorite, earning a 10/10 rating.

  “Fantasy (feat. Don Toliver)” The beat to this song is more upbeat. The chemistry between Don Oliver and Uchis makes this song an easy listen. Oliver and Uchis voices and style of singing really compliment each other. This song is a 10/10. 

  “Como Te Quiero Yo” Singing in Spanish is something Uchis is known for, as she is from Colombian descent. The use of both English and Spanish give this a song a nice twist. This song is an 8/10.

  “Hasta Cuando” Once again, this song has both English and Spanish lyrics. The lyrics talk about someone being obsessed with someone else. This is an enjoyable song with a 7/10 rating. 

  “Endlessly” The beat to this song is very similar to other songs in the album. Uchis strong vocals are also present in this song. This song gets a 6/10, it is a good song but nothing spectacular.  

  “Moral Conscience” The beat to this song is slower and the lyrics behind this song are very personal and talk about missing someone. This song gets a 7/10.

  “Not Too Late (interlude)” Uchis vocals in this song really stood out as they got deeper towards the end of the song. The end of the song also includes Spanish, which leads to a 6/10. Once again, a great song but not the best. 

  “Blue” Uchis singing is heard to be more in the alto range, deeper than her usual softer tone. The light beat to this song and the lyrics behind it are both nice. This song is a 9/10.

  “Deserve Me (feat. Summer Walker)” Another featured artist in this album is Summer Walker. Uchis choice of artists to collaborate with are all good. This song was put together well, and Walker’s voice adds a twist to the song. This song is a 10/10.

  “Moonlight” This is one of the best on this album, because the lyrics alone really carry the song. The beat is very calm, with the lyrics being aggressive but sweet. This song gets a 10/10 rating.

  “Happy Now The last song of the album had a really nice beat to it. The beat is more instrumental than the others. This song earns a 7/10.

 Overall, this album was a total hit. The songs are all enjoyable, with no noticeable bad ones. Uchis did a great job with this project and brought her songs to life. This is definitely an album that will be on repeat all summer.