“Beauty and The Beast” returns

Classic will be performed for Centennial Auditorium’s 25th Anniversary

 Be our guest at the Centennial Auditorium this summer with the production of “Beauty and The Beast!” The film is most commonly known from Disney’s 1991 version, and it is being brought onto the stage here at Sterling High School!

  With the celebration of Centennial Auditorium’s 25th anniversary, the community has been able to vote for the summer musical of their choosing. The community was provided with choices including “The Wizard Of Oz,” “The Little Mermaid,” “Shrek The Musical,” “Mary Poppins,” and “High School Musical.” This year “Beauty and the Beast” was the winner!

  This is not the first time Sterling High School has done a production of “Beauty and the Beast.” In 2005, our very own choir director Weston Henry played Gaston. Henry is now the music director for this performance and will be working with every student involved in the production.

  Director Timothy Schlegel has decided to rent out actual Broadway sets from the original production. The auditorium could afford these changes from “anticipated revenue on what the budget to build a set was,” stated Schlegel.

  Auditions will be held on May 25 and 26 and are like any other performance people have auditioned for with the only difference being that people are allowed to skip auditioning if they only want to be in the ensemble. 

  The summer musical will be open to 8th grade through college students, including many alumni from S.H.S.! 

  Sophomore Ashton Stange, who is planning on auditioning, “downloaded the audition material right when it was released and started reading through the script. When you’re doing a big show like this, where your audience will know the characters and already have a connection with them, it’s important to not stray too far from the character.”                   

  Auditions are coming up fast, and it is recommended to get the audition material as soon as possible to start practicing if you want to be part of this amazing production!