Entertainment Review: Coachella 2023 Recap


  This year’s highly anticipated Coachella took place from April 14 to April 23. Artists Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Calvin Harris, and Frank Ocean were some of the big names that performed. 

  In an attempt to get a close up view of the artists performing, people camped out for hours and even days to get a good view.

  The most looked-forward to performance this year was Frank Ocean, who has not performed in over six years. Many fans traveled across the country, even from different continents, to get the chance to see him live again after so long. 

  Unfortunately, due to a leg injury he was unable to perform the second weekend. 

  Junior Trinity Brooks, who is a big fan of Frank Ocean, said, “His true fans have a right to be upset that it was canceled so suddenly and was not what they expected.” 

  However, people should still respect Ocean and understand that the circumstances were outside of his control.

  There were many high-profile acts this year, but there were some special guests that to fans were even more exciting. Labyrinth brought out Billie Eilish the first weekend to perform their new hit song “Never Felt So Alone,” and Zendaya on the second weekend to perform a song from the show “Euphoria,” which she stars in and directed.

  Zendaya’s surprise appearance shocked fans as this was her first time performing in seven years, and it was also the first time she performed a song from the show live. 

  Junior Dalila Rodriguez commented on her appearance saying, “Everyone dressed basic but Zendaya was there, so that’s hype.”

  This year an astounding 150 artists were scheduled to perform, making it one of the largest Coachella set lists yet. Over 200,000 people attended Coachella this year. One of this year’s headliners, Bad Bunny, made Coachella history by being the first headliner to sing almost exclusively in Spanish.

  With the various controversies Coachella has had this year, many people believe it is subpar to last year’s festival, however all of the exciting surprise appearances definitely made it more exciting.