Entertainment Review: 3 Twelve


  Sterling, Illinois, recently welcomed another great restaurant, called 3 Twelve. 3 Twelve is located downtown in the building that was formerly Manny’s. 

  3 Twelve is a locally-owned restaurant run by John Brady and Jason Fargher. Brady and Fargher are also owners of another local small-business, JJM Printing. 

  What makes 3 Twelve different from other restaurants is the variety of choices on their menu. They offer food such as baked potatoes, burgers, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, and more.

  3 Twelve has quickly become known for the speciality of macaroni and cheeses. One of their most popular items is their “Puffy Pulled Pork Mac.” This meal is perfect for BBQ fans as it is spiral macaroni noodles topped with barbeque pulled pork.

  Senior and cook Devin Fargher says, “Overall, I think it’s a good experience and great environment. Everyone gets along, which is probably the biggest part when running a restaurant because you have to get along with everyone so everything runs smoothly.” 

 What makes 3 Twelve entertaining from other restaurants is that they offer Xtreme Bar Bingo, but participants must be 21.  

  Senior and waitress Olivia Niedermann says, “Overall, I love my job at 3Twelve. Even though I only work on the restaurant side, I still have a good relationship with all of the employees…and even when the restaurant is busy, I do not feel stressed or under pressure.”

  A great aspect of 3 Twelve is the customer service. Their workers are all polite and friendly, resulting in a positive experience. 

  3 Twelve has a bright future ahead of them because they stand out from the crowd of restaurants.