Entertainment Review: “The Record”


  “The Record” is the debut album from the band Boygenius that came out on March 31, following their first EP that was released in 2018. The band consists of artists like Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus who each have their own solo careers.

  Boygenius is an indie rock group and they wrote all of the songs on the album. Each song captures one or all of their personal preferences, yet the album is still cohesive.

  One of the best aspects of this album is that some songs relate back to their 2018 EP like “Without You Without Them” having the same toned down music sound with strong harmonies as “Ketchum, ID.” Another one is “A Letter to an Old Poet” which acts as a sequel to their song “Me & and My Dog.” This album has a good mix of both mellow and upbeat sound. 

  Even though “Without You Without Them” is a beautiful song, it might have worked better in the middle of the album rather than the beginning. A song like “Satanist” would likely have sounded better at the beginning of the album.

  If one likes the album but has not listened to their solo albums, they should check them out since they each do amazing separately. Bridgers has two albums “Stranger in the Alps” and “Punisher” along with featuring on many different artists songs. Dacus has three albums “No Burden,” “Historian,” and “Home Video.” Baker also has three albums called “Sprained Ankle,” “Turn Out the Lights,” and “Little Oblivions.”

  This album is a great debut album. The infamous band “Rolling Stone” deemed Boygenius a five out of five album. Boygenius got an 8.2 rating on “Pitchfork.” Even without the official rankings, Boygenius is a beautiful album that flows nicely from beginning to end.

  When this album was first announced, there were three songs, “$20,” “Emily, I’m Sorry,” and “True Blue.” Those three songs have one long music video that was released with the album. 

  Boygenius also released another single called “Not Strong Enough” on March 1, a full month before the album came out. “Not Strong Enough” had a music video that included different clips showing just how close the three of them are.

  If one loves albums and songs that tell a full story, have beautiful harmonies, great production, something sad and sometimes bittersweet, then this is an album you should consider listening too.