Peace, Love, Spring Fling


  This year, Sterling High School brought the Spring Fling dance back for the first time in decades. The Student Council planned and organized this dance in hopes of providing an entertaining event for students. 

  As opposed to the formal attire worn at homecoming and prom, the attire for Spring Fling was casual. Couples or groups of friends were encouraged to dress up in matching outfits. The most common items that were worn this year were jeans or leggings, with a matching t-shirt. Senior Connor Pham and his friend Vincent Ngyuen both matched in a black top and jeans.

  What makes the Spring Fling dance unique is that students do not have to stress about preparing for the event. Instead of spending money and time on their hair, nails, and outfits, students are encouraged to just relax and enjoy spending time with their friends. Senior Lauren Jacobs claimed that her favorite part of Spring Fling was that she “loved playing bags with my friends!”

  Spring Fling was brought back specifically because of the cancellation of the Winter Formal, earlier this year. The Winter Formal was canceled due to both the bad weather and the lack of tickets sold. So, in an attempt to still provide a second semester dance for all students, student council planned Spring Fling. 

  Many students had expressed interest in S.H.S. hosting more schoolwide dances. Student council co-advisor Nicole Schlemmer stated, “Our club is here to serve students, we wanted to give them a second semester dance, if they were interested!”

  This year’s Spring Fling was themed “Peace, Love, Spring Fling” and occurred on Saturday April 1. The dance took place in the S.H.S. cafeteria. The cafeteria was decorated with colorful decorations, including an amazing balloon backdrop that was brought by Odds & Events Co.

  Student Council members sold tickets for five dollars during both lunches prior to the dance. Unfortunately, the outcome was not enough to keep the dance around. Only 75 tickets were sold for Spring Fling, compared to the 650 tickets sold during homecoming.  

  Even though the turn-out for Spring Fling was not as good as the Student Council had hoped, the students who attended still had fun. Instead of Spring Fling, the Student Council will be surveying students to see what other events they would be interested in. The survey, which will be sent out before the end of the year, will ask students to share ideas and recommendations for next year.

 S.H.S.’s Student Council focuses on organizing events that the student body is interested in. If one has an idea, the best way to make it come to life is to join the Student Council, or share their recommendations with them.