Guy vs Girl: Prom!


  Prom is quickly approaching and in two short months everyone will be getting all dressed up to attend. Prom is one last exciting night before the school year ends. Both the girls and guys put in lots of work to look amazing for this perfect night. 

  The girls will get their dresses quite early to make sure everything fits right. Girls get their hair and nails done to make sure they look picture perfect but sometimes. While fun, prom can also be a little stressful. 

  Junior Nevaeh Frey said, “The most stressful part about going to prom as a sophomore was having to do everything last minute. Being a sophomore I wanted to make it as perfect as I could because not every sophomore gets to go.”

  Going as an upperclassman can be a little different, Senior Kaitlyn Dittmar said, “My favorite part about prom is getting ready, and just feeling the anticipation for the night to start.” The girls are always so excited to get asked and then to go to prom, especially for seniors as it is typically the last hoorah.

  I think, as a girl, we all believe guys do not put as much work into getting ready for prom as females do because we take hours and on the other hand the guys are done within 30 minutes. Senior Tavian Kelly says he prepares for the big day by “eating a bagel, taking a shower, using my skin products, getting my suit on and leaving the house.” 

  The guys ask the girls for this dance. Senior Antonio Tablante says, “I feel relentless; it gets me ready and in the mood for all the fun prom activities.” Asking the girls is always exciting. Some guys go all out for their date, like asking them with flowers and starbucks or candles and rose petals.

  As for most of the juniors it is their first year at prom. 

  Junior Dylan Ottens said, “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone all dressed up and being able to socialize with my friends and peers. I’m mostly excited to see them when I arrive, but I do have a bit of nervousness because it is my first prom.” 

  Your first prom can be nerve wracking, but by the end of the night everyone realizes how much fun it is. Guys should be thinking about what corsage to get for their date and what flowers would look best with her dress; Also possibly trying to find spots for pictures!  

  Even though there is a lot to get done for this extravagant night, many juniors and seniors are excited for the day and cannot wait to celebrate with friends for this last night before graduating.