What to do if you’re undecided

  For seniors, making post-graduate decisions can be stressful. If students are currently undecided on their future plans, here are some steps that one can take to help decide their future.

  As a senior in high school, it is important to be aware of academic strengths and weaknesses. When deciding on a major, students should consider which subjects they enjoyed and excelled at in high school.

  Students should take advantage of clubs, programs, and volunteer opportunities that allow them to explore their interests. Experience in potential majors is a great way for students to figure out what they do and do not like. 

  When looking at colleges it is important to look at all aspects. Students could start by deciding if they want to attend an in-state or out–of-state college. If wanting to stay close to home, an in-state college is likely the better option.

  It is important that students consider the cost of attending school. For senior Julia Thormeyer the financial aspect helped her make her decision. Thomeyer “found and won a scholarship/grant that pays for my entire tuition for all four years of school.”

  Students should look at the financial packages their potential colleges offer. If students’ potential financial aid is not enough to make attending a specific college affordable, students  can rule that college out.

  Seniors should utilize resources made available to them. S.H.S. counseling department holds events to help students make their decisions. Scheduling a meeting with one’s counselor is a great way to assess one’s options.

  In addition to S.H.S. counselor’s, one can also schedule meetings with admissions counselors or student representatives at colleges they are interested in. Reaching out to the specific school is a great way to receive feedback.

  S.H.S. seniors also need to understand that it is okay to go into a college undecided. Many college students start out undecided or change their major and are still successful. If someone enters a college undecided, they should take classes that peak their interest and go from there.

   Senior Kathryn Rowzee is undecided at the moment. Rowzee shared, “I am undecided because I am still unsure of what sport I want to play, and how much money I am willing to spend on college at the moment.”

 To seniors trying to decide their future, make sure to utilize the resources available. There is still plenty of time for seniors to make a decision.