Entertainment Review: “Nice Work If You Can Get It”

  The musical “Nice Work If You Can Get It” that took place recently was a show of true professional talent at Sterling High School. The 1920’s style dancing coupled with catchy songs had people humming the showtunes for days.

  The first song did not fail to introduce the many talents senior Emma Stroup would showcase while taking on the main character, Billie Bendex, and the strong click she would have with her co-star, sophomore Cole Stumpenhorst as Jimmy Winters. 

  “We had two leads that had never done musicals before…” said sophomore Owen Gaffey, expressing his admiration for the two stars. 

  Gaffey played Winter’s father, Senator Max Evergreen, and has been doing theater for many years. In summing up his experience, he said, “We had such a fun cast this year, that it seemed no matter who I was around I was enjoying myself.” His most challenging task was trying to make his character exciting and interesting to follow. Gaffey also found difficulty in making sure he maintained a deeper, older voice putting on a manly role. 

  More admiration was shown for Stumpenhorst. Senior Kiara Olinger, who played his character’s fiancé, said, “I am most proud of Cole because this was his first high school show and he clicked with his character very quick. He also showed immense care from the very start and that is admirable.” 

  Olinger, who made for a remarkable Eileen Evergreen, was most proud of the dancers. She says, “We were blessed to have some of the poms girls do the musical and they really showed leadership in the difficult dances this musical brought.” 

  As if the amazing singing and outstanding dancing was not enough, the musical was stuffed with well-executed punch lines and hilarious scenes leaving the crowd bursting with laughter.  A scene between characters Jennie Muldoon and Duke Mahoney, played by sophomore Brinley Francis and junior Ben Boze, had everyone gasping for air. “My best memory during the making of the musical was when Brinley smacked me as hard as she could,” said Boze, talking about one of their scenes together.

   Senior Anna Hutchison left the crowd shouting through applauses with an impeccable voice in her character, Duchess Estonia Dulworth’s first number, “Demon Rum” where she showed off an impressive octave jump that amazed the audience. Ashton Stange, who played Chief Berry, spoke about Hutchison, saying, “She is almost all anyone is talking about from this show with her show-stopping acting and voice and I could not be prouder as her friend.”

  The jaw-dropping performance filled with romance, catchy songs, fun dances, and twist endings earned plenty of cheers and laughter from the audience. Their standing ovation did not justify the amazing job of each and every member of the cast in “Nice Work If You Can Get It.”