Is trade school right for you?

S.H.S. offers trade opportunities for students

Is trade school right for you?

  At Sterling High School, there is a variety of courses that can help students prepare for trade school.

  Some of the classes S.H.S. offers are: Service Learning, Work Training, Criminal Justice, Welding, Multicraft Technology, Early Childhood Education, Automotive Technology 1 & 2, Building & Construction 1 & 2, and Culinary Arts. All of these courses would be beneficial for a student to take if they were interested in going into a trade.

  A Lot of students consider going to trade school because of the low cost and also they no longer have to worry about grades.

  Junior Josue Arreola said, “I am going into a trade because not only do you not have to worry about your grades in high school, but many trades are hands-on. Trade schools offer so many routes to take after you’re out of high school.” 

   Many trades allow people to travel while still working and furthering their education in that field of work. 

  “I want to have a career in carpentry. I want to be able to travel and still do what I’m interested in. I originally wanted to become an architect, but I found carpenting to be a lot more interesting and it is a lot cheaper to go into the carpentry trade,” said junior Ben Boze.

   In order to receive the proper training for their trades, many students take the WACC Building and Construction class to prepare them for a trade that they are interested in.

  “I take the WACC Building and Construction (and) it prepares you for a specific trade. The WACC offers a lot of other trade options like Auto, Culinary Arts, and Criminal Justice,” said Senior Andrew Bland.

  No matter the plans one has for after high school, there are so many options available for all S.H.S. students.