Entertainment Review: “The Last of Us”


  HBO recently released “The Last of Us,” a tv series based on the popular game franchise made in 2013. Though the cast for both productions are different, the story is consistent, well told, and worthy of watching. 

  In 2003, an outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus spread across the world, turning people into zombie-like creatures called the “infected.” 20 years after the outbreak, civilians are forced to live in quarantine zones run by FEDRA, which is the military authority in America.

  The Last of Us follows the main character Joel Miller who is a smuggler with his partner, Tess. The leader of the Fireflies, a revolutionary militia group, tasks Joel and Tess with smuggling a teenage girl who is immune to the infection and is hiding in Massachusetts outside the quarantine zone to Fireflies. 

  Personally, this isn’t typically the type of show that I would be interested in, but just after the release of two episodes, my parents and friends were telling me to watch it. I was hesitant because tv adaptations of video games are typically a disappointment but I was pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the plot.

  I would recommend “The Last of Us” to those who enjoy post-apocalyptic series and those who can handle gore, death, nudity, and lots of violence. Many of the episodes are emotional, so if you are not into crying then don’t get too attached to the characters. 

  “The Last of Us” is available on HBO, Hulu, and Amazon Prime if you are interested in checking it out. Five out of nine episodes are currently out, new episodes are released on Sundays at nine Eastern time.