S.H.S. juniors start studying for SAT


Khan Academy is a SAT preperation resource used widely among our S.H.S. students and staff.

  During second semester, the juniors at Sterling High School have the tendency to become stressed due to their intense worry about the SAT. Most of these students will hold off studying until the last minute because they do not know the studying options.

  The most common website that S.H.S. students will be introduced to is Khan Academy. This website allows students to have personalized practice plans, take eight full-length practice tests, and practice productively to increase their SAT scores. Khan Academy also has an app, so if you want to practice on the go there’s always that route. 

  This option has more than just SAT prep. You can select the classes you are in to further increase your knowledge. English teacher Hannah Jablow explains, “I like to use the English portion to practice grammar and sentence structure, and bell ringers are a great way to test those skills. I begin to incorporate these types of bell ringers around six weeks before the SAT.” 

  S.H.S. juniors will also be introduced to the College Board website. This is where they can see their SAT scores and perform practice tests. 

  Math teacher Mark Jackson said, “I think doing the practice problems that the College Board has is helpful, but also just reflecting on some of the most common topics that we have taught in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 can help as well.”

  As juniors start to prepare next month for the SAT they will take in April, they will realize that time is valuable. They do no’t have forever to practice and must utilize their resources while they still can. 

  Junior Yamaan Alkhalaf said, “I try to study a little bit each day because I feel that if I stay consistent, step by step I will eventually understand most of the content.”

  So, while you still have the time to study, practice, and pay attention you should do so because the SAT will creep up on you in no time.