New additions to the library


The new books shelf in the library is constantly changing as new books are added as they come in. Beyond the new books shelf, library goers can always rely on library staff members for recommendations.

  Sterling High School’s library continues to make updates to entice students and staff alike to the library. 

The library has also made adjustments that include a limit on how many people can be in the library at once. This is a helpful rule because when you are reading or trying to study it is very hard when there are a lot of people crowding and making lots of noise around you. S.H.S. librarian Heather Johnson said, “We are seeing a record number of check outs this year, with our circulation up 14% from February of 2020.” This rule could be related to student feeling more comfortable with a less crowded library. This also could bet a result of the new and specifically picked additions to the library. 

Another really useful and cool addition is the book catalog, which is a folder library goers can flip through and find great books sorted out by genres they enjoy. The catalog has everything from a sports book to even the librarian’s favorite picks. So there really is no excuse not to find a book you love. Johnson shared that her goal when adding new books is “ to provide richly diverse materials that enriches and supports the curriculum of the Sterling Public Schools.” She spends a great amount of time picking and searching for new books to add to the library so nobody is left out.

Junior Dale Johnson says  “One of my personal favorite additions to the library would be the new book section.”

   The library also has a cart where you can pick any book from and you can have it for free. This is very helpful for people who love to read and want to have a book with them at all times. The library has also recently got new books with most of them being mystery and horror so if that is your thing then you are set on guaranteed good reads.

A lot of students and staff members at S.H.S. appreciate the new additions and new books added because it gives them a good way to have time pass and to learn at the same moment. 

If you haven’t been to the library lately, be sure to stop by soon.