Academic Booster Club provides incentive lunch


Sophomore Kaedon Phillips picks up his chicken George lunch in the field house. Phillips was one of many students that received chicken George for having good grades, great attendance, and no discipline referrals.

  There are many ways students are acknowledged at Sterling High School. The incentive lunch is one of the ways that the Academic Booster Club and S.H.S. administration honors students.

   The incentive lunch is for students who have earned all As, Bs, and Cs, who have received no disciplinary referrals, and who were present at school 95% of the time during the first semester. These students are given a slip to have Chicken George for a day at lunch. 

  S.H.S. is partnered with the local businesses which offer the school a discount when it comes to feeding roughly 350 students lunch. Chicken George also happens to be a favorite among S.H.S. students. 

   There were many kind parents that volunteered to help with the incentive lunch. Tonya Lofgren was one of the volunteers that helped. Lofgren has been a part of the PTO board for around 13 years. 

  She volunteered to help because she wanted to support the community when she was able to and enjoyed rewarding the students for their hard work. Her favorite part of volunteering during the incentive lunch was “seeing the smiles and the mad rush for seconds!” The incentive lunch is one of the many ways that Lofgren supports the students at S.H.S. 

   Student Kaedon Phillips was awarded a paper slip for the Chicken George lunch. Phillips worked really hard to keep his grades up and be in class on time. When Phillips received the Chicken George paper slip, he was happy to be awarded for all his hard work he does inside the classroom. 

  Senior John Paul Schilling was also another student that was able to have the Chicken George lunch. Schilling worked on his attendance and not being a problem in the classroom for him to be able to have Chicken George. I asked him how he felt about being able to have Chicken George for lunch Schilling said, “It was fire, the best lunch this year for sure.”

  This Chicken George was a great way to reward the students hard work in the classroom. There were many students this year that were eligible for lunch. Hopefully next year there will be many more students to get the opportunity to have the Chicken George lunch.